Referral Policy


At Mattress.Ng, we’re well on course to becoming the biggest on demand for mattresses. We recognize and appreciate that our valued clients are able to help us to attain that goal. If you as a satisfied client have a friend, close associate, classmate or colleague whom you think is interested in our services, kindly refer them to us and earn a cash reward. Whatspp or Call 07055020777.


*    Register to become a referrer and get a code immediately.Call or whatsapp 07055020777

*    Refer anyone to buy a mattress from us and have them qoute your referral code when making their order

*   A Referral must be able to provide a referrer code

*   %2 off the total price of the Referee order will be transferred to the referral after purchase.

*   Referrals of the same person by multiple clients will result in a bonus payment only to the first referral correctly registered with us.

*   There is no limit to the number of referrals you can make

*   If a client is first introduced to Mattress.Ng by an alternative source, you will not receive a referral bonus.


*        You cannot refer an existing client of Mattress.Ng under this scheme.

*        You cannot refer yourself under this scheme.

*        Referrals cannot be made for any individual who has opted out of Mattress.Ng within the last 6 months.


*        We reserve the exclusive right to modify or withdraw the policy and/or suspend user accounts found to violate our referral policy with or without notice at any time.

NB: For individuals and third parties interested in obtaining commissions for successfully referred clients, please whatsapp/Call 07055020777 or email at info@mattress.ng